Choosing The Right Driver Club For Golfer

A basic club used in professional golf is the Driver club. This is one of the clubs developed from old wooden. Currently, although many other materials are crowned, the Driver clubs are still very popular with many veteran players. So do you know how to choose the best driver clubs or not, and what will be the model that you should own?

How to choose the right Driver club

Choosing the right club will help golfers feel more confident with their shoot. The driver is a basic club, but not everyone knows how to choose a standard club:

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In this article, I would like to share some experiences on how to choose a standard and suitable driver for you.
we start with the following steps:

Step 1: Observe the clubhead design and the loft: The clubhead design with the sweet spot area will help bring the ball further and in the right direction. The wider the sweet spot, the bigger the clubhead, and the easier control of the ball. The current standard clubhead size max is 460cc. The tip material that should be used is titanium – a very durable material. The second thing is the club loft, greater loft, the angle of the ball will be larger and fly further. New players should choose a club with a loft greater than 10 degrees, while pro players should prefer a club with a loft less than 10 degrees.
Step 2: Choosing the length of the handle: The long club helps the player to take the ball further, but will only benefit golfers with the good technique because the length of the handle will affect the preparation posture. Using driver clubs with a short handle will increase stability, so beginners should use a medium length. The common length for driver sticks is 45 inches.

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Step 3: Based on the hardness of the handle: This stiffness will help golfers feel the quality of each swing when swing. New players should prioritize soft-rolled clubs, while hard-rollers will be suitable for golfers with high clubhead speeds. Choosing the hardness of the club will be quite difficult, often players should experience the products themselves before buying.
Step 4: Considering the weight of the club: The weight of the club will depend on the material quite a lot and this weight will pretty much determine the speed of the clubhead. Because of this, high-weight clubs will only be suitable for professional players, with firm shots and fast-paced play.
Drivers are the basic clubs golfers should have


Above are some of the experiences that the experts mentioned would like to share with you and hope you will choose for yourself the most suitable driver for the perfect shot.
Thanks for reading my writing. Wish you all success with your favorite Golf sport