5 Miter Saw Pro Tips And Tricks

We all know that miter saws are a great general-purpose tool for rough cutting several different types of materials, but they can also be used for other delicate types of work such as doing the trim on the inside of a house or making a picture frame. You can visit https://www.discoveriesla.com for more information about miter saws.

Follow these 5 miters saw pro tips and tricks which I listed below for easier and better results!

5 Miter Saw Pro Tips And Tricks

1. Use Stop Block 

The best way to operate your miter saw effectively is to use a stop block.

Creating a stop block is easy, you just need to measure the length of the workpieces and then attach a piece of wood to the fence. Now you can overlap them and start cutting right next to the stop block and the length of each piece will be equal.

Using Stop Block

2. Make An Extension Fence

What if there is no space for clamping the stop block because your workpieces are longer than the length of your saw fence?

Worry not! All you need to do is to find a straight board and fasten it to the fence of your miter saw, then you can clamp a stop block anywhere you want.

3. Make A Zero Clearance Table

When you cut small pieces using a miter saw which has blades with a wide throat, not only sawdust but the workpiece fragments can drop and get stuck between your blade and cutting area. 

To solve this problem, just place a piece of scrap plyboard on top of the table. And to keep it firmly you can tuck it underneath the extension fence along then screw them together or using tape.

4. Hold Small Pieces Without Using Your Fingers 

To protect your fingers from the sharp blade when cutting small workpieces, Use anything long and strong like a ruler or a wooden stick instead to securely hold the tiny workpiece in place.

5. Cut To A-Line

If you want to cut a piece of wood with the exact length as calculated, use a measuring tape and draw a line on the board. Then cut it to the edge of the drawn line, not right in the middle because this could make your board shorter than you expected. That happens because the thickness of the saw blade will create an extra gap after cutting.


These miter saw tips and tricks above are practical and easy to apply for even the novice. I hope you have found some interesting things here that you might be able to use in your workshop or make improvements on some of the things that you’ve made. 

Still don’t know where to invest in quality miter saws to get the best products? Here are some awesome suggestions at https://www.discoveriesla.com/best-table-saw-miter-gauge. Don’t stress, just do your best and good luck!

3 Great Tips for Picking Up Good Knives for Own Your Kitchen

how to buy great knife sets

Buying a good knife for your kitchen is usually a must-do task if you really want to cook great meals in a desirable timeframe for your family.

However, everyone knows that in order to truly pick up a great cutlery set that can really do the job, you will need to know some basic knowledge first.

And in this short guide, I will share with you some of my best tips for picking up great knives for all your cooking tasks.

The first tip is to always choose a great chef knife that is user-friendly and also cheap, to begin with, if you’re new to all these things.

If you don’t know, then I highly recommend you try out a new ceramic knife. The reason is that that type of chef knife is very versatile and durable.

It’s also much cheaper than a stainless steel chef knife, so, you definitely need to check it out.

Another important thing you need to remember is that if you’re planning to do a lot of cooking tasks related to meat and bones, you will need a brand new boning knife.

That type of knife is especially useful when you debone a chunk of beef or pork meat.

Without it, you will find it really hard to separate the meat from the bones.

And finally, when it comes to preparing a good dish for your family or your guests, you should consider preparing some sushi and sashimi foods.


Because they’re listed among the most delicious dishes you can find on any must-eat lists. They do taste good, and they’re also very healthy as well.

But in order to prepare those dishes, you will need a specialized sushi or sashimi knife.

That type of knife is specifically designed to debone fishes and fillet them into thin slices that you can serve with your meals.

The knife is not expensive, either, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on it as well.