The Necessary Accessories of Aquariums

When you begin to learn about ornamental fish, you are interested in the necessary aquarium accessories like me. Most newcomers pay attention to how to make their aquarium look good and forget to provide the equipment they need to keep their tank clean and healthy.

Having a beautifully decorated aquarium with colorful fish swimming around is great, but fish are living creatures and they need to be taken care of to be healthy but to do so requires You must have patience, so you need to know what are the accessories and equipment needed for the aquarium.

Surprisingly, newbies will all spend money on buying beautiful aquariums and buy the most expensive fishes because they are great, but won’t lose money on what is really needed for the benefit. fish health.

Here’s what you must have in a tropical aquarium:

  • Water filters: Filters are essential for aquariums for a number of very practical reasons. Fish eat and produce waste right in the tank. Filters help maintain a clean aquarium in moderation. Not having an aquarium filter is like holding your newborn babies without a diaper. Do you accept that? You should choose the filter that fits your tank size to take full advantage of them. For example, the filters are best suited for 20-gallon aquariums, etc.
  • Oxygen effectors: If your aquarium does not have a water purifier or small aquariums you are not using the filter, then an effervescent oxygen diffuser is needed. This device enhances the dissolved oxygen to help the fish to breathe healthily, without this device, the fish will easily die.
  • Thermometer: Aquarium thermometer will help you continuously monitor the water temperature and change the temperature accordingly for the fish. If for some reason the heater is malfunctioning, the thermometer will notify you of the current water temperature.
  • Heaters: Tropical fish need warm water (approximately 25ÂșC), heaters solve this problem. Once you set up the machine, never turn off. A heater with a thermostat is the best option. The thermostat will prevent water from getting too hot or too cold.

Treat the fish like your baby and gradually you will enjoy it. Filtering alone is not enough, though. You must create a weekly aquarium water cleaning schedule to help your fish have the best living environment to maintain health.

Here are some optional accessories for your aquarium. If you have a limited budget, you can invest gradually.

  • Aquarium lighting system: Whether your tank is lighted or not, it is not a controversial issue. If you place plants in an aquarium, then light becomes a necessary light for plants to grow. Aquarium plants help maintain the ecosystem by exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations. Note: Avoid keeping the light too bright and always use a timer.
  • Ornaments: Include gravel on the bottom of the aquarium, hideout, ceramic pots, houses, bridges, and other decorations to add beauty to the view. Although these decorations make your aquarium more attractive, you can ignore these if your budget is not enough and you can buy them later.