The necessary accessories of aquariums

When you begin to learn about ornamental fish, you are interested in the necessary aquarium accessories like me. Most newcomers pay attention to how to make their aquarium look good and forget to provide the equipment they need to keep their tank clean and healthy.

Having a beautifully decorated aquarium with colorful fish swimming around is great, but fish are living creatures and they need to be taken care of to be healthy but to do so requires You must have patience, so you need to know what are the accessories and equipment needed for the aquarium.

Surprisingly, newbies will all spend money on buying beautiful aquariums and buy the most expensive fishes because they are great, but won’t lose money on what is really needed for the benefit. fish health.

Here’s what you must have in a tropical aquarium:

  • Water filters: Filters are essential for aquariums for a number of very practical reasons. Fish eat and produce waste right in the tank. Filters help maintain a clean aquarium in moderation. Not having an aquarium filter is like holding your newborn babies without a diaper. Do you accept that? You should choose the filter that fits your tank size to take full advantage of them. For example, the filters are best suited for 20-gallon aquariums, etc.
  • Oxygen effectors: If your aquarium does not have a water purifier or small aquariums you are not using the filter, then an effervescent oxygen diffuser is needed. This device enhances the dissolved oxygen to help the fish to breathe healthily, without this device, the fish will easily die.
  • Thermometer: Aquarium thermometer will help you continuously monitor the water temperature and change the temperature accordingly for the fish. If for some reason the heater is malfunctioning, the thermometer will notify you of the current water temperature.
  • Heaters: Tropical fish need warm water (approximately 25ºC), heaters solve this problem. Once you set up the machine, never turn off. A heater with a thermostat is the best option. The thermostat will prevent water from getting too hot or too cold.

Treat the fish like your baby and gradually you will enjoy it. Filtering alone is not enough, though. You must create a weekly aquarium water cleaning schedule to help your fish have the best living environment to maintain health.

Here are some optional accessories for your aquarium. If you have a limited budget, you can invest gradually.

  • Aquarium lighting system: Whether your tank is lighted or not, it is not a controversial issue. If you place plants in an aquarium, then light becomes a necessary light for plants to grow. Aquarium plants help maintain the ecosystem by exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations. Note: Avoid keeping the light too bright and always use a timer.
  • Ornaments: Include gravel on the bottom of the aquarium, hideout, ceramic pots, houses, bridges, and other decorations to add beauty to the view. Although these decorations make your aquarium more attractive, you can ignore these if your budget is not enough and you can buy them later.

Keys To Making The Most Of Summer Baseball

Are you preparing for Summer baseball but still not sure what to do? What are the keys to making the most summer baseball? All tips you need to know are in this article. 

Are you attending one this season? How are you preparing for the game? Let me share my top 4 keys to making the most summer baseball with you!

Number 1: Keep Your Head In The Game

Even though Summer baseball is not a professional tournament, lots of players wish to attend.

Some come to win, some come for fun, but smart guys take this as an opportunity to boost up their skills.

It helps a lot for players who are looking to sign a professional contract, and perhaps have their names mentioned on the news or some professional Baseball Website like, in the future.

So my number 1 advice is coming to the league you should keep your head in the game, know what you came here for.

Number 2: Preparation Is The Key

There are three things you should prepare yourself to avoid overwhelming.

Pay Attention To Your Body

Many first-year students show up at college, believing that they are young and robust, can conquer every challenge which throws at them.

But the Summer Baseball program is no game.

Not getting enough sleep and unbalanced eating habits can impair your health, making it hard for you to keep up with your everyday training routine.

So, you better pay attention to these two key factors: Sleep and nutrition.

Mental Statement & Self-discipline

Remember, this is college, not high school.

You don’t want to be a child with a grown man skin, do you?

If not, ready to challenge yourself!

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to try new positions, new role pitches.

What if your habits from high school can’t adjust just yet, and your body is not keeping up with all this college routine.

What if it’s too much for you to handle or you’re not as good as you think you are.

Remember, College and Collegiate baseball is for men, not boys.

So keep it together, face failure manly!

Number 3: Swing With New Families

By saying new families, I mean both your host family and your team.

Host Family

During the season, players usually stay with host families.

You must face the fact that you are going to stay in the same house with all strangers.

In most cases, having a great first impression is the first step to success. So you surely should invest in this.

An easy way to do that is to consider host family members as your siblings.

Be genuine, be humble, and be yourself.


Your team will be one of your new families in college.

Practicing every day means you will spend a massive amount of time with them.

While attitude is the key, instead of standing there and waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, you can make yourself useful.

Always show up early for everything, especially for practices.

Always look for opportunities for getting involved and learn.

Show them how serious you are in this. I’m sure you would earn your spot on the team in no time.

Number 4: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stay Cool & Safe Under Heat

Baseball camps, practices, and games can take place continuously within 8 hours a day.

Playing under the sun is not a healthy thing for most people.

A simple trick to keep yourself from getting heat choked is getting yourself out of the sun by standing in the shade or a cool area whenever you can. 

Plus, do you know that sunglasses can do wonders for you in every way possible. It’s a good idea to have a pair for yourself. 

Read more:

Do this, and you can save breath for later runs.

Gear-up With Brain

Bring all equipment to the field with you could be overweight and extremely exhausted.

Imagine yourself struggling with a pile of fixtures after a match.

Keeping everything in one big bag will be a better solution.

Don’t Skip Classes

Getting to college opens up a whole new era with so many new exciting things you want to explore, but don’t let yourself fall too deep into that.

Struggling with grades is the last thing you want to happen to you while in college.

If you have a busy schedule on hand, try to make a timetable throughout the week to make sure you wouldn’t miss anything.

In Conclusion

Following these tips will not only allow you to enjoy Summer Baseball but the entire college time. Just imagine yourself walking on campus, head held high, a good bat in your clutch, and a great vibe of confidence coming from you. What can be better?

You might even be surprised by how far you have come to be a better version of yourself. Cheers!

Is Your Friendship Toxic? Things That Tell You To Break Up With A Friend

Experts share their advice on how to deal with a breakup with a friend.

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just about decluttering the garage or reorganizing your closet. It’s also about taking a closer look at the people in your life and seeing if those relationships could use some pruning, too.

In a viral tweet, Twitter user pariahcar3y shared the four-point checklist she uses when assessing if a relationship is worth holding on to. Think of it as a friendship audit of sorts.

Psychologist Andrea Bonior, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, told HuffPost that, although these questions are a strong starting point, when answering them you should think about the relationship in a larger context. Consider why this person might be a subpar friend at this time — perhaps because of something happening in his or her personal life — while also taking your history with them into account.

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“Sometimes a friend may be going through a difficult phase — for instance, after the death of a parent — or a transition — for instance, having a child. Or even just going through depression or anxiety issues that prevent them from being there for you,” Bonior said. “So, even if the friendship seems a little off-balanced, it’s important to have a distinction between what might be a brief, understandable phase where you should still hang in there for the person versus a longer-term issue that means that the friendship may not be a good fit for you.”

If you have a friend who is, indeed, a negative or toxic force in your life, how do you “break up” with them, so to speak? We asked experts to share their advice.

How to know if you should end a friendship

The simple fact is that not all friendships are meant to last forever, and that’s perfectly fine. That said, no one is suggesting you casually discard friends over minor slights or squabbles. But you can give yourself permission to move on from certain people when the relationship no longer serves you.

“You don’t need to stay friends with anyone who isn’t walking the same path as you or lifting you up while you’re striving to accomplish your goals,” therapist Deborah Duley, founder of Empowered Connections, a counseling practice that specializes in women, girls and the LGBTQ+ community, told HuffPost. “We outgrow each other sometimes. It’s normal and a natural progression as we continue to grow and change as people.”

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Strong friendships have a healthy give and take. It may not always be a 50-50 split, but over time, there should be some semblance of balance. If this friend is self-absorbed and demanding of your time, attention and support but doesn’t offer the same in return, it might be an indication that it’s time to move on.

Another sign? “You feel exhausted by the idea of just hanging out,” Duley said. “Or you dread seeing them when you used to feel excited. Maybe they’re engaging in behaviors that are against your moral compass and you’re starting to wonder if you even want to be friends with someone who does this.”

Also, pay attention to how you feel when you receive a text from this friend or when they reach out to make plans, said psychologist Marie Land. If you get anxious or a “sinking feeling,” as she puts it, that could also be a sign something is amiss.

How to break things off with a friend

When ending a romantic relationship, a slow fade is generally regarded as a callous move. But both Duley and Land said it may be permissible in the context of a friendship.

“I don’t know if it’s always necessary to let the friend know that you want to break up with them,” Duley said. “A slow decline in seeking them out is oftentimes enough for them to ‘get the message.’”

Land agreed with this approach, saying, “Think of a tennis match when it comes to the way you communicate with your friend. Allow them to hit two balls in your court before you hit one back. Slowly send the message that you are busy and not available.”

If you want to repair the relationship, then airing your grievances makes sense. Otherwise, don’t feel like you need to give specific reasons as to why you’re not making an effort to spend time together anymore.

“I’m all for honesty, but sometimes it’s OK to not make a big deal about letting go of a friendship,” Land added. “White lies like, ‘I’m really focused on work and hobbies and haven’t had much time for all my friends lately’ are fine.’”

However, if this person is a close friend and you feel like you owe them an explanation, or if you have unresolved feelings you want to voice, Duley suggested meeting for coffee to talk things out.

“Just let them know that you’re feeling you have outgrown each other and it’s better for everyone if you just stay in touch periodically,” Duley said. “Be prepared, though, that they might feel hurt or angry, so having a script in your mind about how to handle that will help you navigate it.”

And keep in mind that a slow fade is a lot different from suddenly cutting off contact with this person — effectively ghosting them.

“Don’t leave the person hanging if they don’t seem to be backing off as well,” Bonior told HuffPost. “In that case, you owe it to them to have a more direct (if awkward!) conversation about how you see your life moving in a different direction.”